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The most popular and professional CNC students

Edit:管理员   Browse:   Date:2011-10-24

Recently, the huizhou port would like xintiandi business management co., LTD, shenzhen ChengDeLan electric co., LTD., tal (dongguan) co., LTD., and other relevant person in charge of enterprises came to huizhou industrial science and technology school, inspection booking at the school level 2008 graduates.

The principal QiuWen tells a reporter, since last November, is unit of choose and employ persons who had to the school to graduate. The current graduates from four months time, graduation and schools more than 200 students have been booking "husband's family". From the point of enterprise requirements, mechanical and electrical, nc, mould, automobile, the most popular clothing, accounting and other professional graduates, companies need treatment is generally improved, such as tal (dongguan) co., LTD. Graduates in practice, commitment to free during training, 1000 yuan per month, training qualified after the ascent to 1700 ~ 2000 yuan a month.


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